canada goose parka

Shopping light, winter jacket. I adhere to two different brand, Moncler Canada goose in between.

Both sides seem to be well made and warm. I find Moncler has more details, it is beautiful, but it is comparable to the Canada goose 3 times the price.

Anyone have any of these brands, and are willing to share their opinions?

I think the Canada goose as more utilitarian. Excellent quality, reasonable price. Moncler is also good, definitely more stylish than the CG, but just a bit too much IMO.

I personally think that every in the cold north face did a good job as well.

Another problem with my Moncler coat is that mine is the smallest– size 0 and fits nicely up top, but bells out from the chest down. The Moncler does not keep my lower half warm because the bottom is too “bell like.” Being a Canadian and former military, I can tell you that if you are keeping warm with feathers, you have to be making contact with those feathers in order for the garment to provide warmth and be effective. What I like about the Whistler is that it is a “slim” fit and if it is too tight, just unzip the 2 way zipper at the bottom of the coat.

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  1. I spent a lot of time researching warm coats. I actually have a long Moncler which cost me $1500. I live in NYC which is not that cold, but have a dog that goes to a dog run for an hour + a day, and get cold standing like a wind sock at the dog park. I also got worried every time a got jumped on me with its nails and muddy paws it would do irreparable damage to the expensive canada goose parka. I figure with the Canadian Goose, I will just wipe down the rougher fabric should one of the dogs decide to give me some muddy love.

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